Structural analysis is one of our core offerings. Among several software’s, Hull Structures holds the license of ANSYS Mechanical PRO, one of the best commercially available tools for FE calculations. We are ready to perform on your behalf the following strength analysis:

  • FE global strength analysis
  • FE local strength analysis
  • FE cargo hold analysis
  • preparation of the FE model
  • preparation of load cases / loading conditions
  • hull structure weight optimalization
  • calculations according to class rules

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Analysis of vibration phenomenon is also one of our company’s main offerings. Within this group of services the following tasks can be performed for you:

  • FE global and local forced vibration analysis
  • FE local vibration analysis
  • natural modes calculations
  • seismic modal response analysis
  • assessment of the vibration measurements results

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Hull Structures experience entails design, drawing approval and technical advisory for design offices, shipyards and owners for many new buildings and conversion projects. Many of those were innovative or breakthrough designs, to name a few: vessel with Flettner rotor propulsion, conversion of single skin tanker into semi-submersible heavy lifter or container vessel into life stock carrier. Further on we were dealing with: flexible car carriers, life fish carrier, new generation of very large container vessels 4k – 18k, atypical launching feasibility studies, independent tank C type fully pressurized bilobe design and many, many more.

Our professional experience gained during those projects will help you avoid unpleasant and typically unavoidable surprises during prototype design. With our assistance you will step into new vessel’s type market without reinventing the wheel again and with reduced risk.

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Feasibility studies offered by us are generally related to structural design. The main purpose of our studies is to perform an assessment of the practicality of the new design or procedure during operation or during new building / manufacturing. Feasibility study will show obstacles, weaknesses, strength and required modification necessary for your design or project to become reality against chosen boundary conditions such as: acceptable stresses, deflections, vibrations, weight or others. Below you will find a few examples of feasibility studies topics:

  • new vessel type or untypical structural design
  • vessel untypical docking / launching
  • vessel conversions and major modifications
  • heavy lifting procedure
  • design of foundations

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courtesy of Marine Project Ltd.
courtesy of Marine Project Ltd.



Do you have a project, but your engineers are busy with other topics? Unexpected analysis needs to be performed? Are you looking for someone to work for you abroad or onboard?

One of the biggest advantages of sole proprietorship is flexibility. The whole office can be packed in a briefcase and we are prepared to work for you in your office or on location on your behalf. Analysis, design, surveys or supervision. Any questions?

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3D models, interactive presentations, Virtual & Augmented reality – all that can be used for marketing purposed or as training of your employees and/or customers. VR & AR models may also support you during the design stage and usage of your product. For mobile, desktop, VR platforms or as a content of your web page we can prepare for you:

  • Virtual Reality and 3D training simulators, e.g.: gantry crane, ROV, agricultural machinery, patrol boat, etc.
  • Virtual Reality, interactive presentations or movies, e.g.: product assembly process
  • 360 degrees stereoscopic pictures rendered from your 3D models
  • 360 degrees pictures or movies from specified location
  • Integration of your databases / lists with 3D visualization software
  • Augmented reality manuals or visualisations

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Structural damages occur on almost every vessel. Cracks, buckling, yielding. In 90% of the cases damage will sooner or later reappear if the repair was performed without understanding what the root cause is. Very often even reinforcement of the damage area will not solve the problem and in some cases may even lead to damage range extension.

To help you deal with it once and for all, we can offer not only consultancy or analysis in order to find the reason of the problem, but the full package, including: survey, analysis, repair / modification proposals with cost estimation, preparation of drawings and supervision. The proposed solution will be customized to your vessel type and situation. Moreover, there is a number of damages which are ship type specific and costly analysis is not always necessary. Thanks to our professional background, majority of the cases can be solved solely based on experience.

Sometimes it happens that the damages occur shortly after vessel delivery or major conversion. Sometimes damages are caused by design mistakes, improper launching process or repair. In such cases technical expertise explaining the root cause may help you dispute with the yard guarantee repair.

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Examples of surveys which can be performed on your behalf:

  • to verify “as build” status with structural drawings;
  • to assess structural capacity of the structure (together with thickness measurements);
  • to assess the damage prior to damage investigation;
  • new building, conversion or hull repair supervision;
  • drone surveys**;

On top of the surveys, the following measurements can be performed on request*:

  • thickness measurements;
  • dimension measurements;
  • vibration measurements;

* under certain conditions. Please feel free to contact us for details!

** in preparation.




Class approval engineer will review your drawings only against the respective rules. Optimization of the structural solution or it’s impact on your ship operation or hull maintenance will not be verified. Thanks to our professional experience we can perform structural drawings review on your behalf. Very often a small modification of the structural detail may save thousands of dollars in service by reduction of the necessary steel exchange or time in dry dock during class renewal.

For minor modifications of your vessel or for damage repairs we are ready to provide structural drawings or sketches. For more complex conversions documentation may also be provided, in such cases we cooperate with our partners.

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According to our experience most of the superintendents have a Chief Engineer background. After many years at sea keeping ship’s systems running, they know everything about machinery maintenance. However, their knowledge about hull structures is sometimes limited.

We offer a short (1-2 days), ship type specific training’s for your superintendents and ship management staff, explaining the following topics:

  • forces acting on the hull
  • structural arrangement
  • purpose of main structural members
  • weak points of your vessel type
  • dealing with damages

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Do you need to design or redesign a structural part of your machinery or hull? We are always ready to support you with design services or improvement to your product or vessel. It doesn’t matter whether you need to improve fatigue life of your part, you have a problem with weight, stiffness or stresses. We can redesign or create a new design of the part or the entire system for you.

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